Three reasons to host a class in your city

1. It's easy.
2. It costs your city or county nothing extra.
3. It's the highest quality training available.
1. It's easy ...
Hosting or "sponsoring" a six-hour or eight-hour enforcement class in your community is very easy. The host community (1) provides a suitable classroom facility; (2) arranges for morning coffee and break refreshments; and, (3) helps get the word out in local law enforcement and code enforcement communities. That's it. We do the rest, from handling registrations through getting the class approved for credit and awarding certificates. Local Keep Texas Beautiful affiliates often cooperate by providing refreshments at morning and afternoon breaks. Local waste hauling companies often participate by providing lunch.

2. It costs nothing extra ...
No money outlay is required other than your $75 a person participation fee, and the first two of these are waived. So it's a great way to stretch your training and travel budgets. Instead of moving your people to the class, you bring the class to your town. Your code officers and registered sanitarians receive DSHS credits and your police receive T.C.L.E.O.S.E. hours, all without leaving home.

3. It's the highest quality training available ...
These are very popular, well-attended and well-regarded classes. John Ockels, Ph.D., TIDRC Director, develops and instructs most classes personally. His background in banking, regional planning, and college-level teaching and professional development has prepared him to make the training in your community the best ever. In 2009 Keep Texas Beautiful recognized him with the prestigious 2009 Ed Davis Litter Law Enforcement Award for his statewide instructional work. One of his favorite sayings is "Anybody can teach a class ... until somebody asks a question." He specializes in engaging the participants in thoughtful, in depth discussion on this subject. Many think that these classes are the best, and most entertaining, continuing education events they have ever attended.

Recently Chip Matthews has joined our teaching ranks with his outstanding classes on Advanced Substandard Structure Investigations and Advanced Ordinance Investigations. Chip brings his 30+ years of experience as both a code and police officer to the job. He's an extremely knowledgeable and highly entertaining instructor.

Whether you need detailed code enforcement, environmental enforcement, or policy-level classes, TIDRIC will get the job done for you.

Click here for a description of possible classes we could bring to your community, and click here for a list of where we've worked with folks just like you to bring this training to them.