Most Commonly Used Resource Protection Laws
THSC Chapter 341: Minimum Standards of Sanitation and Health Protection Measures
THSC Chapter 343: Abatement of Public Nuisances
THSC Chapter 365: Litter
THSC Chapter 368: County Regulation of Transportation of Waste
TWC Chapter 7: Enforcement (See Subchapter E for criminal statutes)
TWC Chapter 26: Water Quality Control (This is the primary statute controlling water quality in the state; includes definitions)

Illegal Outdoor Burning
Texas Outdoor Burning Rule (30 T.A.C. Chapter 111 [Sub. B])
Note on Outdoor Burning:
Felony outdoor burning is covered at TWC Secs. 7.182 and 7.183.
Misdemeanor violations are actually violations of TWC Sec. 7.177(a)(5). The Outdoor Burning Rule is a rule adopted under THSC Chapter 382 (Texas Clean Air Act) (see
Texas Register on September 3, 1996).

Specific Oil and Gas Related Waste Laws
TWC Chapter 29. Oil and Gas Waste Haulers
NRC Chapter 91. Provisions Generally Applicable
16 T.A.C. Sec. 3.8 (“Statewide Rule 8”)
Note on Oil and Gas Related Laws:
(1) Texas Water Code Chapter 29 OIL AND GAS WASTE HAULERS sets a criminal penalty at Sec. 29.046, including a stay in the county jail, for several violations concerning waste hauling (see link above for specific sections); and,
(2) The Railroad Commission of Texas has developed "Statewide Rule 8" (Title 16 Texas Administrative Code Section 3.8) to provide detailed regulation of oil and gas waste hauling and disposal. These rules were developed under the authority to do so granted by the state legislature in Natural Resources Code Sec. 91.101 and other statutes (
see Texas Register, Aug 27, 2004, 29 TexReg 8271). Although the RRC provides administrative enforcement of this rule, violations of Statewide Rule 8 are also criminal violations of NRC. Sec. 91.002, which may be enforced by any peace officer.